PlayAblo for CBSE & ICSE

Is your kid is grabbing your mobile phone for playing games ? Don’t worry you are not alone. But you can always slip a little learning into that game while your child is playing games. PlayAblo has gamified your child’s learning experience and also lets you as a parent know how good is your child getting at the game (I mean learning !).

First of all the app is made such that you can toggle between parent mode and child mode. A child can use it to play while it is learning and a parent can use it to know the learning graph of the child since he/she started using the app.

The app is basically built on “Bloom’s Taxonomy”, a learning domain created by Dr Benjamin Bloom in order to promote higher forms of thinking in education, such as analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remembering facts (rote learning). The app takes the child through these step while he/she is learning, at the bottom of which is the basics of a concept which increases the child’s higher order thinking in that concept through a series of gamified experiences.


The app is build for children of class 1 to 5 of CBSE and ICSE syllabus. The relax and challenge mode of quizzes help the child level up as the complexity changes in these to modes and which help in reinforcement of the concept as it is. The leader board is the best way to incentivise the child to use the learning app to play games. This in a way motivates children to come back to the app on their own. The child also waits everyday to complete its daily task so as to go up the leader board. The child can compare its rank with his/her peers at school or city or across the app.


The best thing for a parent is that they can keep track of every move their child takes in the game. They can review the child’s progress of every subject as well as at the bloom’s taxonomic level. In a way PlayAblo reduces the burden of the parents to go behind their children to study and also keep a report of the child’s learning in a deeper context of child’s learning graph. A lot of app’s do this but gamifiying the process gives PlayAblo an edge over other similar app’s.


  • Gamified learning through higher complexity
  • Instructions through pop-up’s help children understand what to do next
  • Sets goals to complete
  • Graphical representation of progress, usage and rank of the child
  • Switch simultaneously between child and parent mode
  • Graphics helps understand how up in the learning child has gone from basics


  • The interface is a bit complex for a child to navigate
  • The child cannot review its own learning and the only incentive the child gets is through leader board.


I would rate the app 3.7 out of 5

Device : Android

Category : Education

Price : Rs. 1199 – 3499